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Razum D'ar's Castle!

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Razum D'ar's Castle!

by Caldre on Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:05 pm

We don't love the cat... Honest!
Yeah we done the living room up earlier this year (Just after we joined BoR in fact!) - should see the other side of the fireplace and the sofas. I love our living room <3 total chill out room!
by Caldre on Sep. 28th at 1:03 PM
Lucky Khajiit super-spy kat! But...I'm really grooving on how cool and ambient your whole pad looks! Totally Dogma Style for sure...
by Lord-Dogma on Sep. 22nd at 2:11 PM
Really nice! That's a lucky kitty!
by FadedJeans on Sep. 22nd at 8:41 AM
Nice! Now can you swim across the pond and redecorate my place? I moved into the boyfriend's bachelor pad thinking it would be temporary until we got a new place together and didn't bother changing anything. Two years later...
by Serendipidity (Galeana) on Sep. 21st at 7:52 PM
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